Video Games Are Us

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Hey just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that we will soon start uploading a lot of video game related content. We will review random games, talk about consoles, different game style and genres. Pretty much we will be talking about whatever comes to mind. So long as it pertains to video games.

Do you like old video games? we constantly switch off between some of the latest hits like Call of Duty and oldies like galaga. Are you into hard modding? So are we. So much so that we have taken it upon ourselves to build a super raspberry pi to run all sorts of games and mods. Just like to here someone reminisce and complain about how we are getting screwed over on some of the best games. Well I’m sure you will find something in here to cling to.

As almost every gaming site on the internet does game reviews. We will try to give our personal opinion on games instead of trying to adhere to some arbitrary agenda. With that said lets get an early start MetalGearSolid5 Phantom Pain WTF were they thinking, call of duty 5-1000 well that one kind of explains itself, Portal WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CAKE. All kidding aside, even though we don’t personally like MGS5 or COD they do both hold some merit and great qualities. Portal however might have been one of the best games ever but I was promised cake and a refund and settlement payment still isn’t enough.

We would love to stay and chat, but we have tons of other non important things to procrastinate over.For now that’s all but expect some great, horrible,random stuff soon.