Top Gaming Consoles and Video Games

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Best Gaming Consoles

When it comes to the gaming community it seems the majority of the gaming community is always focused on the next big title. Gaming in fact is not just about the next big release. If you consider yourself a fellow “real” gamer, then you most certainly consider gaming an art form. When you think about modern video games they actually seem to build upon old conventions from past generations of gaming consoles. This also happens to be their biggest weakness.

When it comes to old consoles, well, this simply isn’t the case as they are the originators. Along with the sense of originality, you get to experience the weird and strangely satisfying designs. The feel of cheap plastic cartridges and having to be clean off the dust that would always accumulate on them. i wont lie to you part of this is just about physically having to deal with the actually vintage hardware. You could also just as easily get an emulator on your pc but it really doesn’t give you the same feeling.

Anyways after that long aside, we wish we had more to share with you about why these gaming systems and the titles that pertain to them are so amazing. The truth is that you wouldn’t get it no matter how vivid and clear we were. So instead we have decided to name a couple of old school gaming consoles for you to check out.
Sega Genesis

If you are a true gamer then you without a doubt have heard and played a Sega Genesis. Sega Mega Drive if you aren’t familiar with the U.S version. This was the first standalone gaming console. It was a 16bit console, that was a massive success in the U.S and European markets. It offered some of the biggest classic like sonic the hedgehog and the first Phantasy Star.
Super Nintendo

It didn’t take long before Nintendo jump in with their own 16bit console and stole the whole market. This Console is perhaps none as the best gaming console of all time. The console offered superior well, everything over the Sega Genesis. The games available for the system far surpassed that of the genesis and offered iconic titles such as final fantasy, Zelda, and Chrono Trigger.
Sony Playstation

sooner or later all things come to an end and the Super Nintendo was trumped by the Sony PlayStation. It was inevitable as the PlayStation was optimized for 3d graphics. The PlayStation setup some of the most successful gaming franchises. Most of which are still dominating current gaming platforms. Such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. Although Final Fantasy started off on Nintendo it really established itself on the PlayStation with final fantasy VII.
Sega DreamCast

One of the last gaming consoles of old,(or at least what we would considered old enough to be a retro/classic console) is the Sega Dream cast. It came in at a really interesting time and tried to take on the might of Sony. Even though it failed we take a bow of respect. It was a console ahead of its time. The market simply wasn’t ready for a console with a built in modem or controllers with small screens. It offered truly unique titles like Shenmue, jet set radio and crazy taxi.

One of our honorable mentions is GameCube but it doesn’t quite stick out as a retro gaming console. The use of external memory cards and corded controllers is soon to an extinct art form. yet we hope you considered getting a hold of any of these gaming consoles as they are not hard to come by through eBay.