Gaming Rig Building A Gaming PC

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A Beginners Guide to PC BuildingInside of GAming Rig

If you have ever wanted to build your own gaming PC chances are the moment you started looking up the different components a big overwhelming cloud of intimidation settled in. Well you should have no need to feel that way after reading this article. The truth behind what makes a gaming PC is actually very subjective. For some who desire only the best graphics and visuals not many rigs would hold up to their standards. For the mass majority of casual computer users a gaming PC may refer to any computer that has bright colored led lights that emanate from the computer case. Well since this is somewhat of a how to we are going to focus on a beginner build. Most first timer should stick with a fairly cheap build and upgrade little by little. That is unless you are loaded and don’t care how much building yourself a gaming PC might cost you.

Necessary components

We need to talk about what you will need to make the computer run and work just like a store bought model.These are going to be the standard components that almost all computer come preinstalled with. One of the big differences between a store and custom built PC is your ability to customize the hardware. This means that your computer will be completely suited to your needs. Perhaps the biggest difference is the amount of joy and satisfaction you will feel from building your own computer. Anyways, lets move on to the hardware.


The processor is essentially the brain of a computer. It is what will perform the tasks you demand of it like web surfing, playing video games, running a video player or music player. If you have ever had a computer that ran fine will on the internet but then you tried opening another app and it started to run extremely slow, that happened because of your processor. Higher end models can perform many things at once but for the average user and gamer a mid end model should do just fine.


The motherboard is the main components to which every other component is connected. This is essentially a type of base for every other component. It would be advise to research motherboards before other components as certain motherboards only support certain components. Also if you need a lot of USB drives, or expansion slots for extra components this is where you will find them. The motherboard will determine your build. You need a different type of motherboard for various types of builds.

Hard Drive

This one is pretty simple. At least in the sense of storage. Your hard drive stores all your data. We mean all your data so if you have a lot of movies, music, and games stored on your system then you should obviously get a hard drive with a lot of storage. The hard drive can also effect your computers speed. There are hard drives for that. It is best to buy two drives one to hold all of your data regardless of how frequently you use it and another drive that has a high speed on which you store data that you regularly use.


This is one that everyone likes to over due. Your RAM which stand for random access memory, is where your computer stores all the data you are currently using. Meaning that the more ram you have the more programs that can be running all at once. If you plan just running a couple of programs however buying a lot of RAM is just overkill. For running a video game having 8 gigs of ram should most always be enough.

Graphics Card

The one part on the list that most people are waiting for. The Graphics Card (GPU), is the most important component for gaming. It is a processor dedicated to handling graphics. It is responsible for all the graphics that show up on your screen, If you want to have any chance at playing all the latest games then you would make sure to invest money into a decent GPU. WE Suggest something around $200 even for a beginner build.

Power Supply

This is typically the last component you will pick. It is where all the other components get the electricity they need to run. The more high end a component the more power it will need. This is why you want to figure out how much power you will need to know how strong of a power supply you will need.

Computer Case

After you have purchased all your components you will need somewhere to put them. That’s right a case. This isn’t as technical as the rest. When it comes to your case it is more about how big and aesthetically pleasing it is. It might come with pre installed fans that are loud. It might come with a shiny finish that reflects light. It is really up to your personal preference.


That’s all you pretty much need to make a gaming PC. It is also what any computer needs. There are other components that were not included but should be considered. An optical drive for example is important if you rely on your computer to watch DVDs or listen to CDs. Another component that might not be included with your mother board is a WiFi card. A WiFi card is just that. It allows for wireless connection to an internet connection. If you decided to buy a motherboard without a WiFi feature then you should really consider buying a WiFi card.
Now you can sit back and take it all in. Once it all settles in you will be eager to look up PC parts. We suggest you look on websites like new egg or any other sites dedicated to computers. They usually offer the best specification sheets. You will need to be able to compare a lot of parts down to the last specification. We are sure you will figure it out. If you don’t you can always check back and see our build. As well as other builds.