The Real Price of Video Games

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Why 60 Dollar Videogames Cost 60 Dollars

Since the birth of video games the cost of new copies has only gone up but it is almost a mystery as to why games have remained at $60 for more than a few years now. The cost of everything we have used from our early years as kids up until now has gone up. A bag of chips now costs $1.69 when it used to cost only one dollar about a decade ago. Time does not stop inflation but the price of video games has not changes since 2005 when the Xbox 360 was released and prices for videogames first began hitting the $60 price range. So what’s keeping the price of video games at $60?


Where does my money go?

Essentially, every company involved in the creation, publication, and distribution of these sixty dollar games needs their cut of the profit. According to GameRant, about out of those sixty dollars $27 goes to the publisher like Activision, around $15 goes to the retailer such as Amazon and GameStop, $4 goes to general costs such as distribution, and $7 goes to returning games that don’t sell and platforms like PlayStation and Xbox. Used game sales are a different story, in that case the money goes directly to the used game retailer like GameStop. This used games retailer makes its money from used game sales since they don’t make as much from the sale of new games.The cost of making video games has been on the rise, you can see this in the budgets for The Witcher series. The Witcher 1 had a five-million-dollar budget, the second Witcher had the budget of 10 million, and the third installation had a budget of 26 million. The game is beautiful and I don’t just mean its appearance is the only thing good about it, it’s also the story and mechanics of the game. It looks like they spent a good amount of time making it. The Witcher series has rightfully proven itself to be well worth the money.

A cost that is rarely addressed in the production of videogames is the addition of Digital Rights Management (DRM) protection software which keeps pirates off for at least a little while. This leads me to believe that GameRant’s pricing points for the production cost of video games is off mark. Some websites claim that around 95% of players are playing pirated games so the appeal for DRM to deter pirates for at least the initial release is more attractive. It would be insane for a new game not to consider DRMs such as Denuvo which has proven itself in the fight against pirates on multiple occasions. One example is of a hacker team called 3DM which took 9 months to crack an earlier version. They claim to have fixed the hole that allowed them to hack that in the release of Just Cause 3. Having a window before pirates get through DRM is crucial to the sales of that game. Plenty of people argue that DRM protection is dead because it can be hacked but the truth is that companies understand this it is time to sell that these companies are after, not ever lasting unhackability.

People always argue that if a game is no good it won’t sell, but what’s more important is that people see the game to begin with. It wouldn’t matter if you had a great game if nobody knew it existed. The cost of marketing video games along with the cost of production in all its senses is what pushes games to cost so much to make. For example, the Witcher’s budget sky rocketed from 10 million to 26 million which resulted in a fantastic looking game but even for looks, the big jump from 10 to 26 million wouldn’t be enough of a justification for their budget. So, it has to be the marketing or putting it in front of people’s faces so that they consider buying it over any other game. Aside from making the game appear in all types of advertising spaces was the extra things they did like free downloadable content known as DLC. The franchise could have easily offered the first DLC with a pretty price tag but they didn’t which is rare for a AAA game. Nobody wants to pay extra for things that a lot of people would say are things that should have been included in the initial game to begin with. When it comes to profit the Witcher three made over 100 million in the first two weeks in comparison to the 6 million of its previous iteration. Not every game is as big of a success as this but one can only hope their game and marketing strategy pull through.

 Why do prices remain static in the face of inevitable inflation?

The secret behind the 60-dollar price tag is that we’ve become accustomed to paying that amount and if we are going to pay more then we expect more. Companies have also stuck with the base price of $60 to keep up with the competition. If one game is on sale for $80 as opposed to $60 and they’re both shooting games what do you think would sell more? The cheaper game might sell more and eventually become a better game with its new-found sales money. Besides companies having to fall in line to keep money flowing they also must put out extra content or jeopardize their standing in the industry. Games like Call of Duty are completely playable even if you don’t have the DLC. If you needed the DLC to even play your games then you might be upset that you have to cough up some more cash. An example of this is Fallout 4’s initial lack of survivor mode which a lot of people would say is the only way to play it. Some people found the hype behind the game to be nothing more than talk because to a lot of people the game wasn’t fun and challenging until survivor mode came in. Returning a game might not even be worth it if you’re disappointed with the games because then you won’t get the same amount of money that you bought it for. The video game ecosystem will probably keep churning out games for about the same $60 for another while but it’s sure to change in the future.

How to Find The Right Ram

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DDR3 & DDR4 RamUnderstanding RAM for the Smart Shopper: A Guide

You may be coming here after looking at the new iMac that’s coming out at the end of the year because it is more expensive than it should be. Many people who are new to building computers are usually under the impression that more RAM is better, which is generally true but it all comes down to your wants and needs. We’re going to try and break down any assumptions that you might have as well as give you information on things you might find useful in your venture for a custom computer.

Let’s define terms associated to RAM so that when you’re looking into it you know how it should look and how it should operate. The first thing to note is that RAM or Random Access Memory works as the short-term memory of computers. RAM also works as the middle man between the storage and CPU (or brain) of any computer. The more RAM as in 4GB, 8GB, etc., you have the more things you’ll be able to access at the same time. When people talk about RAM they are usually referring to a particular type of RAM called SDRAM which stands for Synchronous Dynamic RAM not to be confused with SRAM or Static Dynamic RAM which you don’t need to worry about. There are a few types of sizes referred to as DIMM (or dual in line memory module) which are in desktops and servers as opposed to SO-DIMM (or small outline dual in-line memory module) which usually appears in smaller devices. DDR or double data rate means two transfers in the ram happen per clock cycle.

DDR3 vs DDR4

Although DDR3 came out in 2007 and DDR4 came out in 2011 DDR4 has taken its time to take over the market. The difference between DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 is not obvious if you look at their physical appearance because they all fit into each other’s slots, the only difference would be that you wouldn’t be able to boot from mixing them up. You can’t buy DDR3 RAM to put in a motherboard that is meant for DDR4 without it wanting to catch on fire. If you’re like me you would want a modern motherboard which would probably ask for DDR4 memory now so why buy a motherboard that requires DDR3? Well it might just be slightly more affordable but I would only buy DDR3 RAM sticks for an upgrade but not for a brand new system. DDR4 has made improvements since its previous generation in now ridiculous frequencies, latencies, capacities, and power consumption. People who are looking to make a new computer from scratch should consider a DDR4 compatible motherboard with matching memory sticks to stay open to upgradability down the line without having to overspend for a DDR3 stick that is no longer manufactured.

Dual Channel vs Quad Channel Configurations

Dual memory channel gives us two dedicated high through-put data channels whereas quad memory channels give us four of the same data channels. The idea behind multiple channels versus bigger capacity RAM sticks is to get a higher bandwidth with two sticks of memory instead of one stick of memory. Your computer will be faster if you add more channels to it making quad channel superior in theory. Your motherboard either has dual or quad channels and it’s only a matter of looking at the colors of your RAM channels. If you find four channels to be one color it is usually the manufacture’s way of letting you know the best way to configure ram. It might be dual or two memory sticks and it might be three or four.

CAS Latency

Crucial to the performance of your RAM is the CAS (or Column Access Strobe) latency which is the amount of time in nanoseconds that it takes for your RAM to respond to a request from the CPU. You can find this small number on a stick of your RAM. The number will appear with a few others in a pattern such as 7-7-7-21. The CAS latency number is the first. This number matters because it is the first thing that needs to happen in order for the rest to happen. You might think that the lower the number means you’ll have a faster response time but you’ll find a lack of visible performance. To find the total latency or delay in performance of your ram you have to take the CAS latency and multiply it by the frequency which will give you the real-world delay.

Frequency or Speed

When looking at RAM for sale one of the biggest pitches is the clock speed which look similar if not the same as 1600MHz, 1866MHz, and in some cases even come as 4000MHz. Higher clock speeds are assumed to give performance of gods but the truth is that the frequency of the clock speed is at the mercy of the CAS latency. If you have a low CAS latency as discussed earlier, you will not benefit much more than if you had a higher CAS latency. The higher numbers are actually only slightly visible in enthusiast grade motherboards and CPUs as they are at the bleeding edge of technology and mostly unstable. Heck, most motherboards won’t allow speeds higher than 24000MHz. In the end, most people end up choosing capacity over speed because you’ll be able to do more with 16GB than you would be able to with8 GB.


I hope this guide helps you look out for what matters in RAM as you consider literally thousands of options. My recommendation for anyone who cares about computers would be to buy at least 8GB of RAM even though there are smaller options because you will ultimately be shortening the life of your PC if it’s always choking on the lack of RAM. I would also suggest that you look at what you’re trying to do with your computer and see if you need more or less RAM. Although it’s tempting to buy into the higher clock speeds advertised for DDR4, it would not be difficult to live with lower clock speeds.

Before You Buy an SSD Consider This

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Why Connectors matter when choosing an SSD

Solid State DriveAs attractive as solid state drives have been in comparison to hard disk drives it is a fact that SSDs have been quite expensive so people settled for hard disk drives. With innovations in the variety of SSDs anyone could easily afford one without emptying out their checking account. So, you’ve decided you’re going to upgrade now that your hard drive fried itself and you have no idea where to start. How is anyone supposed to decide what type of SSD to get when looking to build a new PC or simply upgrade? If you’re like me you’d probably watch all the YouTube videos you possibly could on the subject and pick the one that was prettiest but let me guide you a bit before you pull the trigger on an expensive Samsung SSD but there are plenty of things you should consider such as storage size, physical size, connectors, and speeds.

Let’s begin with a tidbit of background on SSDs. They started out in housing of hard disk drives so that anyone could upgrade having to buy new parts to be compatible. Those SSDs were called SATA III. Then we got mSATA drives that were basically barebones SATA drives with the hard drive housing (so that they didn’t take up as much space and performed just as well). This became useful especially for laptops or notebooks which couldn’t even remotely match the performance of desktops without becoming huge monstrosities. While mSATA drives were peaking the future of SSDs was being developed in the shape of m.2 SSD drives. There is also specifically m.2 PCIe SSDs that are at the bleeding edge of technological advances in flash storage.


Something to keep in mind is that with different types of SSDs you should check your motherboard so that you know what you would be able to work with. If you don’t have an extra PCIe lane, then you’ll be wasting your time looking for a PCIe SSD . You should do some research as to what you can and can’t buy. Most if not all computers can work with hard disk drives but might be limited to what type of SSD you can upgrade to. If you have a mac this might be of little use to you because most new Apple computers have little to no upgradability once you purchase them. So please do some research on numbers and names that you find on your motherboard with open connectors so that you know what you can and can’t buy. Once you figure that out you can look at the SSD that best fits your needs.

Speed matters

All these types of SSDs have different speeds that they run at which might influence your decision more than money. I would recommend getting an SSD with speed for what your workflow and workload requires rather than looking for the cheapest drive. To give you something to compare let’s look at speeds across the spectrum of storage. Traditional mechanical hard disk drives managed a measly 80-160 MB/s and I mean measly in comparison to SATA III drives which are limited to about 500 MB/s write speeds and 550 MB/s read speeds. That is relatively fast but M.2 SSD drives top out at different speeds depending on the bus you use. Now the fastest bus for an SSD is PCIe which runs at a whopping 15.75 GB/s, that is, Gigabytes not Gigabits or Megabytes. The only problem someone should have is deciding whether they need the speed offered. Not that many people need PCIe SSDs, they either have servers running on them or are bought just for bragging rights. The truth is not that many programs can take advantage of the speed so then it becomes a question of how much someone is willing to shell out.


The traditional hard disk drives are the cheapest and I’ve seen them being bought more and more as backup drives as opposed to boot drives. With HDDs you can buy an abundance of storage for very little. When you look at SSDs you have to consider both storage capability and Speed. The popular Samsung 850 Evo SATA III gives you 250 GB for $99 which is good for an SSD. A Samsung 960 Evo m.2 PCIe drive that’s 250 GB will run you up to $127 and the higher you go in storage the more expensive it gets with PCIe storage.


Once you know what type of slots your motherboard has open then you’ll have an easier time deciding between SSD types. In the end, it will come down to how much you’re willing to spend for the capacity and speed you need. Remember to do your research before you’re stuck with something that doesn’t work for you.

Photoshop is All You Need

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Photoshop literally gives you the ability to make an image anyway you would like. Photoshop take the job out of editing, it’s simple and enjoyable. To start, you’ll need to open Photoshop and open the photo you’d like to work on. Adobe Photoshop is thought to be among the most used and biggest widely known computer software packages that allows you to manipulate photographs and images.

Photoshop includes many unique editions and versions but most are similiar in user interface. Photoshop is widely considered the very best image-editing software on earth today by a huge margin compared to other softwares , and the more you use it, it isn’t hard to see why. Since Photoshop dominates this sector of editing, you almost certainly will end up getting a copy so make sure if you find any deals or discounts to use them. You may save a little frustration and the sooner you start the sooner you will master it. Should you be interested in Photoshop? If this is even a question in your mind. Just as there are numerous editions, there is numerous ways to acquire a trial. You might want to think about an absolutely free trial download first. Adobe Photoshop also has a simple video editor integrated with the standard tool, which you are able to utilize to edit video clips.

The computer software utilizes many popular formats like, SVG and also includes its on PSD file format. All Adobe software will include a help feature that can be used when you will need help on a particular topic. The software provides an exceptional window, wherein you are able to make modifications to vector images and see the effects in real time as you edit. Some program will also incorporate a basic `getting started’ tutorial. Adobe has a wide variety of programs and it can be confusing as to which is the perfect fit for you. Most people contemplate whether they need illustrator or photoshop.

Illustrator is, in a lot of ways, an extremely flexible and strong tool, but nevertheless, it can be difficult to find all the cool capabilities. Adobe illustrator is not the same as photoshop by a long shot, the program is more geared toward vector images than anything else and might be for more creating digital images than editing photos or the like. IIf you need a powerful grid system that makes it so easy to draw precise icon graphics then yes you might consider illustrator. If you need to create, instead of edit you might be better of with illustrator. If you need to create you could still use photoshop as long as you dont need 100% precision. If precision is the case then illustrator is for you. If you like to get creative I’m certain you will find using photoshop a great deal of fun, and it is my hope that this page inspires you to really give it a go!

By using Photoshop, you are able to quickly feel to be an expert editing images. It allows you to have many, many different layers for each individual part of a composition so that you can easily fix and change small details in a picture.

Top Gaming Consoles and Video Games

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Best Gaming Consoles

When it comes to the gaming community it seems the majority of the gaming community is always focused on the next big title. Gaming in fact is not just about the next big release. If you consider yourself a fellow “real” gamer, then you most certainly consider gaming an art form. When you think about modern video games they actually seem to build upon old conventions from past generations of gaming consoles. This also happens to be their biggest weakness.

When it comes to old consoles, well, this simply isn’t the case as they are the originators. Along with the sense of originality, you get to experience the weird and strangely satisfying designs. The feel of cheap plastic cartridges and having to be clean off the dust that would always accumulate on them. i wont lie to you part of this is just about physically having to deal with the actually vintage hardware. You could also just as easily get an emulator on your pc but it really doesn’t give you the same feeling.

Anyways after that long aside, we wish we had more to share with you about why these gaming systems and the titles that pertain to them are so amazing. The truth is that you wouldn’t get it no matter how vivid and clear we were. So instead we have decided to name a couple of old school gaming consoles for you to check out.
Sega Genesis

If you are a true gamer then you without a doubt have heard and played a Sega Genesis. Sega Mega Drive if you aren’t familiar with the U.S version. This was the first standalone gaming console. It was a 16bit console, that was a massive success in the U.S and European markets. It offered some of the biggest classic like sonic the hedgehog and the first Phantasy Star.
Super Nintendo

It didn’t take long before Nintendo jump in with their own 16bit console and stole the whole market. This Console is perhaps none as the best gaming console of all time. The console offered superior well, everything over the Sega Genesis. The games available for the system far surpassed that of the genesis and offered iconic titles such as final fantasy, Zelda, and Chrono Trigger.
Sony Playstation

sooner or later all things come to an end and the Super Nintendo was trumped by the Sony PlayStation. It was inevitable as the PlayStation was optimized for 3d graphics. The PlayStation setup some of the most successful gaming franchises. Most of which are still dominating current gaming platforms. Such as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil. Although Final Fantasy started off on Nintendo it really established itself on the PlayStation with final fantasy VII.
Sega DreamCast

One of the last gaming consoles of old,(or at least what we would considered old enough to be a retro/classic console) is the Sega Dream cast. It came in at a really interesting time and tried to take on the might of Sony. Even though it failed we take a bow of respect. It was a console ahead of its time. The market simply wasn’t ready for a console with a built in modem or controllers with small screens. It offered truly unique titles like Shenmue, jet set radio and crazy taxi.

One of our honorable mentions is GameCube but it doesn’t quite stick out as a retro gaming console. The use of external memory cards and corded controllers is soon to an extinct art form. yet we hope you considered getting a hold of any of these gaming consoles as they are not hard to come by through eBay.

Video Games Are Us

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Hey just wanted to say hello and let everyone know that we will soon start uploading a lot of video game related content. We will review random games, talk about consoles, different game style and genres. Pretty much we will be talking about whatever comes to mind. So long as it pertains to video games.

Do you like old video games? we constantly switch off between some of the latest hits like Call of Duty and oldies like galaga. Are you into hard modding? So are we. So much so that we have taken it upon ourselves to build a super raspberry pi to run all sorts of games and mods. Just like to here someone reminisce and complain about how we are getting screwed over on some of the best games. Well I’m sure you will find something in here to cling to.

As almost every gaming site on the internet does game reviews. We will try to give our personal opinion on games instead of trying to adhere to some arbitrary agenda. With that said lets get an early start MetalGearSolid5 Phantom Pain WTF were they thinking, call of duty 5-1000 well that one kind of explains itself, Portal WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CAKE. All kidding aside, even though we don’t personally like MGS5 or COD they do both hold some merit and great qualities. Portal however might have been one of the best games ever but I was promised cake and a refund and settlement payment still isn’t enough.

We would love to stay and chat, but we have tons of other non important things to procrastinate over.For now that’s all but expect some great, horrible,random stuff soon.

Gaming Rig Building A Gaming PC

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A Beginners Guide to PC BuildingInside of GAming Rig

If you have ever wanted to build your own gaming PC chances are the moment you started looking up the different components a big overwhelming cloud of intimidation settled in. Well you should have no need to feel that way after reading this article. The truth behind what makes a gaming PC is actually very subjective. For some who desire only the best graphics and visuals not many rigs would hold up to their standards. For the mass majority of casual computer users a gaming PC may refer to any computer that has bright colored led lights that emanate from the computer case. Well since this is somewhat of a how to we are going to focus on a beginner build. Most first timer should stick with a fairly cheap build and upgrade little by little. That is unless you are loaded and don’t care how much building yourself a gaming PC might cost you.

Necessary components

We need to talk about what you will need to make the computer run and work just like a store bought model.These are going to be the standard components that almost all computer come preinstalled with. One of the big differences between a store and custom built PC is your ability to customize the hardware. This means that your computer will be completely suited to your needs. Perhaps the biggest difference is the amount of joy and satisfaction you will feel from building your own computer. Anyways, lets move on to the hardware.


The processor is essentially the brain of a computer. It is what will perform the tasks you demand of it like web surfing, playing video games, running a video player or music player. If you have ever had a computer that ran fine will on the internet but then you tried opening another app and it started to run extremely slow, that happened because of your processor. Higher end models can perform many things at once but for the average user and gamer a mid end model should do just fine.


The motherboard is the main components to which every other component is connected. This is essentially a type of base for every other component. It would be advise to research motherboards before other components as certain motherboards only support certain components. Also if you need a lot of USB drives, or expansion slots for extra components this is where you will find them. The motherboard will determine your build. You need a different type of motherboard for various types of builds.

Hard Drive

This one is pretty simple. At least in the sense of storage. Your hard drive stores all your data. We mean all your data so if you have a lot of movies, music, and games stored on your system then you should obviously get a hard drive with a lot of storage. The hard drive can also effect your computers speed. There are hard drives for that. It is best to buy two drives one to hold all of your data regardless of how frequently you use it and another drive that has a high speed on which you store data that you regularly use.


This is one that everyone likes to over due. Your RAM which stand for random access memory, is where your computer stores all the data you are currently using. Meaning that the more ram you have the more programs that can be running all at once. If you plan just running a couple of programs however buying a lot of RAM is just overkill. For running a video game having 8 gigs of ram should most always be enough.

Graphics Card

The one part on the list that most people are waiting for. The Graphics Card (GPU), is the most important component for gaming. It is a processor dedicated to handling graphics. It is responsible for all the graphics that show up on your screen, If you want to have any chance at playing all the latest games then you would make sure to invest money into a decent GPU. WE Suggest something around $200 even for a beginner build.

Power Supply

This is typically the last component you will pick. It is where all the other components get the electricity they need to run. The more high end a component the more power it will need. This is why you want to figure out how much power you will need to know how strong of a power supply you will need.

Computer Case

After you have purchased all your components you will need somewhere to put them. That’s right a case. This isn’t as technical as the rest. When it comes to your case it is more about how big and aesthetically pleasing it is. It might come with pre installed fans that are loud. It might come with a shiny finish that reflects light. It is really up to your personal preference.


That’s all you pretty much need to make a gaming PC. It is also what any computer needs. There are other components that were not included but should be considered. An optical drive for example is important if you rely on your computer to watch DVDs or listen to CDs. Another component that might not be included with your mother board is a WiFi card. A WiFi card is just that. It allows for wireless connection to an internet connection. If you decided to buy a motherboard without a WiFi feature then you should really consider buying a WiFi card.
Now you can sit back and take it all in. Once it all settles in you will be eager to look up PC parts. We suggest you look on websites like new egg or any other sites dedicated to computers. They usually offer the best specification sheets. You will need to be able to compare a lot of parts down to the last specification. We are sure you will figure it out. If you don’t you can always check back and see our build. As well as other builds.